Mayor and catering industry representatives plan for June 1 reopening

Photo credit: Pixabay

Representatives of Eindhoven’s catering industry reached a series of agreements with mayor John Jorritsma and counciller Monique List on Thursday regarding scaling back the current lockdown.

The agreements, which come ahead of the catering industry’s reopening on June 1, apply to the city centre only and for the upcoming summer season.

Plans submitted by the catering industry were assessed individually by the council, with the overall aim of providing more space to allow for social distancing.

A team of representatives from the council and the catering industry will monitor the situation on June 1, with enforcement officers particularly focused on preventing gatherings.

After June 1, an evaluation of the reopening’s success will determine whether changes are made to current regulations. Until then, the current rules remain applicable. A positive outcome will likely lead to further scaling back of the lockdown.

Visitors to the city centre on Monday are advised to maintain social distancing and make reservations in advance for restaurants and cafes to avoid queues.

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