Social crowdfunding platform Reboot Nederland to help local businesses

Reboot Nederland - social crowdfunding
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During this Corona lockdown, every Eindhovener is missing some cultural and leisure hotspots the city has to offer. Some can’t wait to get back to their favorite pub in town, others are lost without their after-work yoga lessons. And a Sunday afternoon spent on Netflix will never be able to replace a good old movie theater.

This is a common feeling amongst us, but what about after the lockdown? Surely everybody will love to get back to their loved spots, but will they be still open? What can we do to support them to survive and hold on?
These are the main questions that pushed two guys working in the Eindhoven area, Alberto Pizzuti and David Duwaer, to launch an initiative called Reboot Nederland.

Reboot Nederland is a social crowdfunding platform based on the concept of “solidarity discounting” that provides a win-win scenario to businesses and consumers. Businesses can post for free their offers to sell while being closed. This way they can still raise cash flow and funds amongst their loyal and new customers. Consumers can support their loved activities and shops, while at the same time accessing discounted deals (vouchers) to be used after this crisis.

Reboot Nederland - Social Crowdfunding

Alberto, could you explain a bit more why you came up with this idea?

“We really love some of the more alternative businesses that have been popping up in Eindhoven, the ones that are trying to do something new. Unfortunately, some of them are barely making it and this crisis is hitting them hard. We wanted to do something, but you got to be realistic: most of us are not just going to give money away.”

So, your website is not a classic donation one, right?

“The setup is very simple, if you’re a business you just go to the platform, make an account and post your offers. If anyone, among your customer base or not, wants to help you, he/she can purchase the offer and grant you some cashflow now in exchange for a discounted service to be used in the future.”

What about restaurants for example, don’t they already do home delivery to tackle cash flow issues?

“Restaurants (same as Cinemas, Museums, Gyms…) don’t sell only a product, but also an experience, a presentation. They can not put that into a delivery box. Moreover, because so many restaurants are extensively making use of delivery services right now, the number of orders that they get is often limited.

Do you think David, people are willing to invest now while they only get their service after months?

“I am positive on this, because now is exactly the moment to act and save the businesses that you love. Even with a normal donation you are giving away some money for a good cause, the only difference here is that you could eventually even obtain an additional benefit. First because of the product/service itself and second because this comes at a discounted price.”

Can people (just) donate also? What if businesses can’t guarantee their delivery later?

“If the business goes under, it can no longer provide services in any cases: receiving donations or selling vouchers. Of course everybody is free to opt to give support via other channels without anything in exchange. Our concept is simply making it a bit more attractive rather than a non-refundable donation. You could call it a win-win donation, because the donator may get an extra. Moreover, I think many businesses are much more comfortable selling vouchers than they are asking for donations. Many of them feel that a customer should receive a service for their money, and it is exactly the great businesses with that great ethic that we want to save!”

Reboot Nederland - Social Crowdfunding

Will you launch this in Eindhoven or also in the rest of the Netherlands?

“We live in Eindhoven and Amsterdam, so we started spreading the voice in these two cities. Of course if anybody from other places is interested in joining the initiative, they are more than welcome. I think this Corona crisis is hitting hard everywhere and every city in the Netherlands has a strong sense of community.”

Do you have support from other organisations besides Eindhoven News?

“We are in the process of reaching out to several businesses that have shown interest, but Eindhoven News is the first media that is giving us the opportunity to share our message through the press, which is really great.”


– Ed.: we at Eindhoven News are happy to help kick start this initiative. For more info go to RebootNederland.

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