Please put your bins out correctly

Photo credit: Cure Afvalbeheer (Freekje Groenmans)

In these unusual times, some things are going ahead as normal. Such as rubbish collection.

Cure Afvalbeheer performs this service in Eindhoven. They applaud everyone’s effort at following the national health department’s rules. People are staying home as much as possible. But, this also means there are more cars in the sometimes very narrow streets, where the company does rubbish collection. There are more containers in places where they can’t be reached to empty too.

“A truck with a side loader can’t empty containers that are left behind parked cars, lampposts or trees. It is simply not possible,” reads a press statement released by the company. “Keep this in mind by putting your container in an unobstructed place in the street.” This may seem like a small thing, but “you’ll help our drivers enormously.”

Not like this (on the left), but like this
Not like this (on the left), but like this
Not like this (on the left), but like this



  • Place the container at most 50cm from the kerb.
  • Leave at least 30cm space between two containers and other obstacles, such as lampposts or parked cars.
  • Place the container with the handle away from the street.
  • Make sure the container’s lid is, and can be, closed.
  • A container may not weigh more than 70kg.

Cure also advises people to set a reminder for putting out their bins. You can set push notifications on the Cure Afval app. “In this way, you’ll always have your waste calendar at hand. You’ll also be kept informed of changed collection days, such as Easter and King’s Day. Together we can ensure rubbish can be collected quickly and efficiently,” reads the statement.

More information can be found on the Cure website.

Translation: Melinda Walraven




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