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Do you have a unique experience to relay about these strange days we find ourselves in? Photo caption: Judit Peter (Pexels)

There’s no denying it – these are extraordinary times. As of today, there are 20,549 confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 in the Netherlands. And close on 1,5 million globally. The number of local deaths now stands at 2,248. The Expatriate Archive Centre (EAC) has, therefore, launched an initiative called the ‘Expatriate Life in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic’.

The EAC’s based in the Netherlands. It focuses on expats’ social history. The centre collects and preserves material about how expatriates and repatriates meet the challenges they face while living abroad. “This mission is even more important during exceptional and unprecedented times,” reads the organisation’s website. Social history fleshes out the factual information gathered by historians and their institutions.

Are you are an expat or have moved back home — regardless of country of origin or residence? Have you written about any topic related to the COVID-19 pandemic? Then, the EAC’s interested in preserving your story.

“Because of the global nature of the pandemic, we are open to receiving material in any language and any format”, reads their website. Most forms of media and media channels will be accepted.

Please visit the EAC website for more information.

Source: The Expatriate Archive Centre

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