Local plans for the reopening of primary schools and day care

eindhoven, primary schools, day care, coronavirus
Photo credit: Eindhoven News Media Library

Primary school and daycares will reopen on 11 May. That’s one of the biggest changes to the anti-corona rules announced by the Dutch cabinet earlier this week. But, how will that work here in Eindhoven?

Eindhoven Councillor for Education, Stijn Steenbakkers, says, “It’s been remarkable how everyone involved’s working to make this possible. The children, parents, and staff’s safety is first and foremost.” Steenbakers says the city council’s been discussing the anti-corona measures with various groups since 12 March.

This happens every week with, among others, WIJeindhoven. This organisation gives residents temporary social help. Child care representatives and educational partners of all the sectors are also included in these talks.

‘I take my hat off to them’

Stijn Steenbakkers, Eindhoven, Coronavirus, Child care, primary schools
Stijn Steenbakkers, EIndhoven’s Councillor for Education. Photo credit: EIndhoven Gemeente

“Initially, they had to introduce online learning in no time when the schools closed down. Then, they had to provide education and care for vulnerable children and children whose parents work in the essential sectors. Now they must make the opening of childcare and primary education run as smoothly as possible. I take my hat off to them”.

So, what’s going to happen in Eindhoven? According to the municipality, most children will go to primary school all day, but probably every other day. So, half the number of pupils per day. “We’ll also try to let children from one family go to school and childcare as much as possible on the same day,” the Councillor adds.

On days when children go to school, extracurricular care’s available for them. Emergency care will continue after 11 May. When the childcare facilities reopen, it’ll become clear whether there’s sufficient capacity. Schools for special needs children up to 12 will also open. “Pupil transport’s available. It’ll still be determined how to transport the international school’s students best.”

Schools will communicate with everyone

If your child’s turned four and is allowed to go to primary school, this transfer will continue. Each school will contact the parents. Schools are also drawing up lists of how many formations are available per school. That could affect some groups. The daycare facilities and schools will also communicate with parents and staff about all practical matters themselves.

High schools have a little more time to prepare for their reopening. They should reopen on 2 June. Practical exam preparations have already started at these facilities. “We are now in the process of preparing for the start-up,” says Steenbakers. “Protocols are being drawn up, and all bottlenecks are being mapped out and resolved as much as possible,” concludes Steenbakkers.

Source: Eindhoven Municipality press release

Translation: Melinda Walraven

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