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Have you ever wanted to see Paris from above? Now you can, virtually. Photo credit: Walkerssk (Pixabay)

It may be holidays, but because of the global coronavirus pandemic, everyone’s staying home. That’s, however, no excuse to be bored.

In fact, you can see cities, performances, and exhibitions all over the world in ways you usually wouldn’t be able to. Google Arts and Culture offers tours, trips, and experiences – all from the comfort of your couch. There are, literally, thousands of activities from which to choose.

You can follow a penguin on a tour through the Natural History Museum in London. Or visit the Citizens Archive in Pakistan. Or how about walking around five iconic Parisian rooftops?

Let colours guide your journey through artworks. Or learn about how iconic sites around the world are being threatened by climate change. And what people are doing to preserve these heritage sites.

The site also includes quizzes, and other interactive things to do, such as creating your own dance routine. The Google Art and Culture app can be downloaded to your phone too.

Source: Google Art and Culture

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