Large-scale renovation for cafés and pubs

Many cafés and pubs in Eindhoven are undergoing renovations. This is due to enforced closures with regards to the corona virus crisis.

Kleine Berg, Wilhelminaplein, Stratumseind… sanding machines are heard everywhere. Many cafés in the city are getting an upgrade, make-over or revamp. Seeing as city nightlife is at a standstill, this could be a useful way to make it through the quarantine period.

“For every disadvantage, there is an advantage” says Wilhelmina owner Koos Cornelissen. “This time that truly is the case!” He gave us a tour of his café, which is undergoing a drastic renovation. For the occasion, the space is well lit. On the dance beer bottles are placed in an orderly fashion. A few metres further a temporary castle of crates has been assembled.

“The lines trough which the beer flows will be replaced” says Cornelissen. “The tap is new. We will also be changing to a different brand of beer”. These technical improvements were necessary. The café will soon be celebrating 50 years since opening its door to the public, a milestone which will be celebrated abundantly. Clients will definitely see a big change to the interior.

The sound of a sanding machine is heard from Café De Bommel situated on Kleine Berg. Through a cloud of wood shavings, it appears two people are removing the coat of varnish from the bar. Anouk van den Boogaard: “Of course we would rather be open. Because that isn’t possible, this is a useful alternative”. The exterior won’t change much, it can be seen as an update rather than a make-over. “We really want to maintain the idea of the brown pub”.

The cafés hope to welcome the public to the updated interiors at the end of April or beginning of May.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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