Brainport donates 900 laptops for online education

Photo Credit: Studio040

900 laptops are donated to children for online education at home, as stated by Brainport Development.

There is a need for laptops because students have to attend lessons from home because of the measures against corona. Not all families can afford such equipment. The laptops are donated by, among others, ASML and Franke. These are laptops that are no longer used by the companies themselves, but that still work well.

In addition to students, there is also a need for electronics among the elderly. “They are not allowed to receive a physical visit now,” Brainport says. “It doesn’t mean that the need for contact is no longer there. They certainly miss that.”

ASML therefore donates 400 tablets for the elderly who cannot afford that. “Video calls are a good solution to combat the loneliness. Not only chat, but they can also see each other and drink that cup of coffee together. But that does require tablets or phones and some knowledge on how to deal with it,” says Brainport Development.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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