RIVM update: 87 Eindhoven residents in hospital

Photo credit: Gert Altmann (Pixabay)

There are currently 87 residents of Eindhoven with corona in the hospital, as figures from RIVM show. That is an increase of eight patients compared to last Friday

Over the weekend, the number of residents in the hospital in Geldrop-Mierlo remained the same; there are eighteen patients, just like before the weekend. The number of residents from Waalre has also remained the same with three hospital patients. And also from Best, the number remains the same with 24 inhabitants in the hospital. Just like in the municipality of Nuenen, with 12 inhabitants in the hospital, also remains the same as before the weekend.

One patient came from Veldhoven during the weekend, from that municipality 15 people are now hospitalized. In Son en Breugel two patients from that municipality were added, with a total of 22 people in hospital. The number of hospital patients with COVID-19 from Valkenswaard remained the same with ten people.

RIVM updates the number of residents in the hospital per municipality on a daily basis. Those numbers differ from the number of patients in hospitals – not every patient goes to a hospital in their own municipality. The hospitals in Eindhoven therefore share the patient course with Studio040 every day.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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