TU/e launches platform to tackle coronavirus

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is starting a platform on which students and student teams can start initiatives to combat the corona virus. The university announced this on its website.

The students of the university are now usually at home and are called upon to let the platform know how and with which ideas they think they can contribute. In doing so, they have the support of the academic staff of the university. TU/e also calls on graduates to lend a helping hand.

“The health care and the industry behind it face many challenges,” says the university. “We want to bridge the gap between the university and the world beyond. In this way, we want to challenge students who are unable to continue their current projects to help solve the problems of the corona crisis. ”


The university says that the learning process has been interrupted in many different ways. “We stand for challenge-based learning, learning based on challenges. It is clear that we as a society are currently facing a huge challenge. It is great to see how our students and employees adapt to meet that challenge. That is also what our position obliges us,” said a spokesperson.

Inhaler for children

It has now got off to a good start, with some challenges already underway. One is to develop an inhaler for children with lung problems who are also believed to have coronavirus. Another challenge that remains open is to develop a chatbot for the staff of the Maxima Medical Center.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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