IJzeren Man can expand with additional facility

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Photo Credit: Studio040

The IJzeren Man nature pool may expand with an additional catering facility, as written by the city council.

The Eindhoven leisure slash nature pool has long wanted more opportunities for additional events and catering activities.

Part of this is now being obeyed. The number of events, such as dance parties, remains at a maximum of five per year. However, there is now room for more catering. According to the municipality, this space is needed to give the site an extra boost and to offer the operator of the IJzeren Man more security in regards to the future.

Residents announced last year that they were not happy with an extension, because this would cause additional noise pollution. The municipality now states that clear rules have been drawn up to minimise possible nuisance. For example, there is a maximum noise level and construction and dismantling work may only take place within certain hours.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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