On the hunt for teddy bears in the Schrijversbuurt

Source: Facebook group: We gaan op berenjacht Eindhoven

Teddy bears in all shapes and sizes. Since Thursday more than forty have been spotted in windows. This initiative is to curb boredom in children.

Katrien Markus, resident of Helmerslaan saw it on social media: in other places around the world the teddy bear hunt has started. She got people into action on various WhatsApp groups and voilà: the very same evening many residents had placed teddy bears in the windows. The first tentative tally amounted to more than forty. “People are just happy to do something,” says Markus. She stuck a drawing of a bear to the window. Even with the sharpness of a child’s eye, you need to look carefully to spot it.

Also residents from Rodenbachlaan, Potgieterstraat, August Sniederslaan and other streets are infected with this teddy bear-virus. The streets have been transformed into an adventure quest. Sometimes you really have to look carefully to see the teddy bear hiding in the corner. Or a green bear metres high in the attic window. Also spotted: a real pluchen teddy bear head attached to the front door.

Katrien deems the initiative successful because it’s something for both young and old. “I saw an elderly lady really enjoying it when my children discovered her bear. Most people also don’t have a problem with others looking into their homes during this isolation period. At least it’s some human interaction…”

Everybody that wants to participate in the teddy bear hunt in the Schrijversbuurt can do so. Teddy bear hunts are also taking off in other suburbs of Eindhoven. Recently teddy bears have also been spotted in Blixembosch. Karlien does have one recommendation when participating: “If you go on the teddy bear hunt, remember to maintain a 1.5 m distance from each other.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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