Former school grounds in Woensel to be used as housing

School, building, destruction, fire
Source: Studio040

The City Council designated five former schools and adjoining grounds in Woensel to housing. Four of the five locations will be put up for sale soon. For the fifth, the Council is looking for a housing corporation as developer.

The former schools involved are: Nutsmavo located on the Jan Heynslaan, primary schools De Rungraaf and De Korenaar located respectively at the Vlokhovenseweg and Virtruviusweg. Lastly, the school grounds located on the Generaal Coenderslaan has also been reserved. The buildings functioned as temporary shelters for entrepeneurs, foundations and theatre groups after use as school grounds ceased. At the moment they are being guarded under surveillance by security companies.

The fifth school ground (Mainelaan) was home to primary school Onder de Weiken until a year ago. The school was destroyed by a fire in 2017 (see photo above). Since then, the ruins have been salvaged. The City Council wants to use the grounds for social housing, to be developed through a housing corporation. The corporation to take on this project, is still unknown. Also the premises located on the Vlokenshovenseweg was affected by fire in 2017.

In placing the various locations on a priority list, the City Council is accelerating the process of making social housing possible. In due time the City Council aims to sell all property which doesn’t have a managerial purpose.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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