More visitors to Prehistoric Village

Prehistorisch Dorp
Higher visitor numbers for the Prehistorisch Dorp. Photo credit: PrehistorischMuseu/Studio040

The Prehistorisch Dorp (Prehistoric Village) in Eindhoven has seen the number of visitors rise slightly this year. This year, almost 56,000 people visited the village. Last year there were 54,500 visitors.

According to the cultural-historical open-air museum, the international Viking festival, the food festival, and the knight battles weekend were the crowd-pleasers. More people visit during school holidays too.

Director, Ward Rennen, also thinks the renovation of the museum plays an important role. “We had some bad luck this year, with a lot of rainy days during the autumn holidays. Despite this setback, we were able to attract more visitors with new events”.

Expansion plans

The Eindhoven Museum, and in particular the Prehistorisch Dorp, wants to expand considerably in the future. The park will then be called Vonk (Spark). From 2024 onwards, some 130,000 visitors are expected to come to the park. The museum park is now about four football pitches in size. It will soon be the size of six to eight of these.

The Prehistorisch Dorp is currently closed to visitors. This open-air museum will open its doors in March again.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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