Pegida wants to protest at Sinterklaas parade

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The anti-Islam movement, Pegida, wants to demonstrate during Sinterklaas‘s arrival in Eindhoven. 

The organisation has applied for a permit for this, the Municipality of Eindhoven announced. According to a city spokeswoman, the application does not mention a location for the demonstration. The City Council is still considering what to do about the application. Pegida had already been involved in actions calling for Zwarte Piet‘s continued inclusion.

Last year, things got out of hand during Sinterklaas‘s arrival in Eindhoven. Zwarte Piet supporters and opponents clashed on Catharinaplein. Pro-Zwarte Piet demonstrators turned against members of Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP), who held a demonstration there. Insults and beer cans were flung at the KOZP members. Several pro-Piet demonstrators tried to break through police lines to get into the thick of things.

Mayor John Jorritsma previously imposed an area ban and a duty to report on 16 people who misbehaved during this parade last year. The ban applies to an area around the parade’s route.


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