Major General Marboeuf opens new library International School Eindhoven

International School Eindhoven - library

The theme of the Children’s Book Week is Transport, that is why Major General Marboeuf of The European Air Transport Command (EATC) was invited to officially open the newly refurbished library on 8 October yesterday.

After several students enthusiastically spoke about their beautiful new library and recited a beautiful poem written by one of our DP2 students, Major General Marboeuf cut the ribbon made by the children of the school.

What is striking in the new library is the enormous amount of light, the multifunctional furniture and the extra surprises for students. Think of hiding places, a round seating circle, studying places and the chill-out and catch-up corners. A soundproof room has been created where films can be watched or a group discussion can be held.

“Reading is discovering, being surprised, being carried away in another world”, the students say. From 4 years to almost 18, all students agreed today: their library is fantastic! And that is precisely where the strength is, according to the library staff. Many people were involved in the creation. From initial thoughts to the final plan. The library staff is happy that “their school” invests in the children in this way. In the future.

Earlier today the new library was celebrated by the ISEQ community with guided tours taking place for all students of the school. Teachers and staff were dressed as characters from famous books. For the older students a quiz was held around the area with QR codes leading them to the questions. This was a great way to open up our new heart of the school, a place for meetings between students, parents, teachers and even the little ones of Kinderstad. Childcare is also an important part of the ISE campus.

Thanks to the new layout and facilities, it is easy to work together in the library, when focus is needed or while listening to a presentation in a group. The small children can easily grab their books and retire to one of the hiding places. Not visible for adults, but a nice place for children to relax, read or catch up.

Many hands make light work. A lot of books have been packed, unpacked and put down again. The many volunteers were also thanked for their contribution in realizing this beautiful place within the ISE.


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