Fontys offers technical training program for refugees

Fontys has launched a technical training program for refugees in Eindhoven.

Wednesday will mark the first day in class for a group of refugee students, whose educations or careers in their home country were cut short when they had to flee.

Fontys is working with the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF and companies in Brabant to develop the curriculum.

“We know from experience that this is a smart and relatively quick route to a job. They obtain a recognised Dutch diploma and build work experience at the same time, increasing their chances of finding a job that matches their abilities”, said UAF director Mardjan Seighali.

Over the next twenty weeks, students will prepare to follow a technical education at Fontys and find a suitable work experience placement. “They’ll get familiar with the education system, improve their language skills, and develop their study skills. They’ll also focus on the technology sector, for example by getting acquainted with technical companies in Brabant”, explains Simone van der Velde of Fontys.

The group starting next week will accommodate twenty participants with residence status.


Source: Studio040
Translation: Nicola W

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