Ziggo to go fully digital

Image credit: Ziggo (Studio040)

Ziggo is going to switch from analogue cable TV to fully digital cable TV in the Eindhoven region.

The analogue switch-off in the Eindhoven region will take place on the night of Monday, 23 September. to Tuesday 24 September.

In March 2018, Ziggo started to fully digitise its TV offer in the Netherlands. The majority of Ziggo’s customers are already watching digital TV. This is why the analogue signal is going to stop.

Still on analogue?

Customers can check for themselves whether they are already watching digitally. This check can be done by switching the television to channel 14. If you, as a Ziggo customer, see the Ziggo Sport channel on that channel, you are watching digitally. If you see another station on that channel, then you are still on analogue.

After converting from analogue to digital, Ziggo customers also get extra channels, including all regional channels and Ziggo Sport. This channel includes live Formula 1, the Champions League, the English and Spanish football leagues, and much more. The switch to digital cable TV does not affect subscription costs. These remain the same as the subscription the customer already has.

In order to help customers with the switchover, Ziggo has deployed additional technicians who can offer a helping hand at home. The customer can also get help from the call centres.

Customers can use ziggo.nl/schakelmee to get more information. Please note, this page is in Dutch.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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