Breakdance WC to held soon

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The 12th edition of the World B-Boy Classic will be held on Sunday, 8 September. The World B-Boy Classic forms part of EMOVES Urban Eindhoven.

The EMOVES festival has been split up into different weekends this year. Organisers, Paul van Dal and Niek Traa, are happy with this. “This split allowed us to choose the best dates and locations for our event,” says Paul.

“We did not have to take all the other sports and cultural events into account. These previously all took place together in one weekend. We can now fully focus on our event, and that results in an even stronger event.”

Top event

The World B-Boy Classic is one of the most prestigious breakdance competitions in the world. Every year, hundreds of dancers vie for the more than €10,000 prize money and a place in the Duo breakdancing Hall of Fame.

This championship was first held in 2009 in Rotterdam. It has called Eindhoven home since 2013. Ten qualifying rounds are held worldwide in countries such as Japan, Brazil, and South Korea.

The winners of these rounds will travel to Eindhoven. Here, they will do battle to see who will be crowned as the annual World B-Boy Classic champion. Previous year’s competitions were viewed more than 20 million times online.

During the day, qualifying rounds will be held at Dynamo. The World Final will start at 19:00 in the Effenaar. Although space is limited in the Effenaar, there are still a few places open.

Please visit for more information, and to purchase tickets.

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