Eindhoven ’s Got Talent!

Eindhoven ’s Got Talent!

Application Now Open! … this is your time to shine on stage!

Do you dance, sing, rap, make music, pull magic tricks?

This September 21 at Eindhoven News’ birthday party the talent competition Eindhoven ‘s Got Talent will take place.

We invite all the international and local ‘artists’ from our city to share their awesome talents with us. All kinds of talents are welcome: singers, dancers, magicians, rappers, actors, comedians, or any other special talent. Individual or group performers.

Description of the activity: Eindhoven´s Got Talent is a talent competition that gives international and local artists and talented people living in our city a platform to showcase their gifts or skills to a live audience and judges.

A surprise prize will be awarded to the winning act. The act can take up to three minutes.

The participants can sing a song, tell a story, do magic, a monologue, produce special sounds, play an instrument, or other activities to showcase skill. All talents are welcome.


All you need to do is to sign up through the email eindhovennewsgottalent@gmail.com

Tell us who you are, (one or more persons) your age, where you come from, what your talent is, what you will do and what the requirements are to perform it. If you have any video, social media or any place where we can get know more about you, we would love to have that information.

Contact us, this is your moment to shine!

Sign up until: 12 September midnight

Live Show on stage date: Saturday 21 September 2019

This activity is organised and led by International Creative Women Eindhoven

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