Is Eindhoven to get Mountains?

The Dutch Mountains

‘The Dutch Mountains’ are one of the developments that will transform the city centre into the so-called Eindhoven Internationale Knoop XL (Eindhoven International Node XL).

“We are going to build up our city’s pride here,” says Councillor Yasin Torunoglu. “The Dutch Mountains will be a great addition to Eindhoven’s city centre. They will also contribute toward alleviating the housing pressure. Because within this project too, the Municipality firmly supports agreements regarding affordability and inclusivity.”

The project is a collaboration between the Eindhoven Municipality and The Mountains Corporation. This is a partnership between BLOC, Studio Marco Vermeulen, and Urban Xchange.

In the coming years, the entire area surrounding Eindhoven station is going to undergo a metamorphosis. “Eindhoven is one of the Netherlands’ most important economic core areas. The city wants to continue guaranteeing a quality living environment and accessibility in the future,” reads a statement released by the Eindhoven City Council. “This is why the heart of the Brainport City will receive a boost in quality.”

Eindhoven International Node XL

The project’s goal is to link Eindhoven’s identity to the region. The city is synonymous with technology, design, and know-how. “The area around the station must become the face of Brainport Eindhoven and (the province of) Brabant,” the release states. “A place where people can meet, ideas can be exchanged, and the region’s economic strength is plain to see.”

An artist’s rendition of the ‘city’s lobby’.

The Dutch Mountains is one of this development’s leading projects. There will be two striking towers, linked by a communal area. This area is to serve as the “city’s lobby’. These buildings will be an interactive area.

“Work, living, learning, mingling, and playing will all take place here,” the Council says in its release. “There are plans for homes, short-stay apartments, a hotel, offices, co-workspaces, and a business centre. Provision will also be made for eateries and wellness areas.”

The Dutch Mountains

The Dutch Mountains will be built adjacent to the Dommel, between Central Station and the TU/e. According to the statement, “It is precisely this junction between the city centre and campus that lends itself to an exciting location.”

With these buildings, The Mountains Corporation wants to make a significant contribution to the healthy, mindful urbanisation of the area around the station. The buildings will be biobased and circular, as far as possible.

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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