Four men arrested for threatening to set elderly woman on fire

Police have arrested four men in connection with a brutal robbery on an 89-year-old woman’s house in Eindhoven in October last year. The woman was first scammed by fake locksmiths. The following day, she was violently attacked by two men. They covered her with liquid, cut her fingers and threatened to set her on fire. The suspects are four men aged between 21 and 24 years old.

The four suspects are currently in custody and are being interrogated by police. They are prohibited from contacting anyone but their lawyers.

The 89-year-old woman told her story in January this year during Bureau Brabant, a local television show which reports crimes in hope of finding the perpetrators. She told how, in October 2018, she accidentally locked herself out of her house. Two locksmiths installed a new lock and demanded 950 Euros. ‘It shocked me to the core. I thought, this can’t be happening. But, yes, what can you do as a woman against men like that?’ she told Bureau Brabant in January.

White envelope

Despite her shock, the woman decided to pay. She took the money from a white envelope that contained all of her savings. The men left with the 950 Euros. The next evening, Saturday 13th October, her doorbell rang at around 8 o’clock. There were two men at the door, and the woman let them in because she was expecting her carers.

The men threw the woman into the house and tried to grab the white envelope. She tried to resist, even when they showered her with liquid and threatened to set her on fire.

‘When they put that knife on my fingers and wanted to cut, I thought: what is money? Go ahead then,’ she recalls. The men quickly ran away with her money.


About the arrests, Eindhoven Police says that ‘for now, it’s a good result. But the suspects are yet to be judged by the court.’


Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Rachael Vickerman

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