Brabantia turns 100

Just about everyone in the Netherlands had one of these in their homes. Photo credit: Raoul Carstens/OmroepBrabant

I am sure many of us have a Brabantia product in our homes. But, did you know that Brabantia is Latin for the province in which we live, Brabant?

And that this family-run business celebrates its 100th birthday at the end of this month? On Friday, Brabantia received an extra feather in its cap. It was awarded the royal title from the King’s Commissioner, Wim van de Donk. Today, this company is best known for its reliable household items. It did not, however, start out that way in 1919.

In May 1919, the Van Elderen family opened a factory in the nearby Aalst-Waalre. They manufactured milk jugs, baking tins, storage tins and the like. These items were made from tin, and plated in zinc, to prevent rust. These were practical goods, which came in good use during the hardships in the 1930s.

All kinds of tins

More than 80 million Brabantia bins have been sold worldwide
Brabantia’s business only really took off after the Second World War when the Netherlands began rebuilding. Its coffee, tea, and rusk tins, in particular, were enormously popular. And as the company grew, so did its product range. Items such as bread tins, ironing boards, and clotheslines were added. However, Brabantia’s most successful product was, and remains, the humble rubbish bin.

The company’s head office has since moved to Valkenswaard. Its products are developed here. Production is, however, no longer done in the Netherlands. Brabantia has had a large factory just over the border in Belgium since the 70s. The company employs about a thousand people.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Photos: Raoul Cartens

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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