Bodybuilding and Ramadan: “It’s not easy, but you can’t drop anything”

Bodybuilding and Ramadan: "It's not easy, but you can't drop anything". Photo credit: Studio040

How do you combine bodybuilding and not eating? Ahmet Konus is as a bodybuilder always busy with his diet, but now pays extra attention to it during Ramadan.

In the first week he was mainly busy adapting his training schedule to his new eating times. “Because you eat less, you also have less energy. You have to take that into account, “says Ahmet. “I immediately notice it in my muscles, so I adjust the intensity. I make sure that I do the same exercises, but with less weight. ”

Ahmet became 2nd at the Dutch Championships Bodybuilding and was named best poser there. The competition was before Ramadan in April this year. And Ahmet was very happy with that. “It’s nice if you can focus completely on the competition. But you also have bodybuilders who are training for a competition right now. Then you have to make decisions. Are you going to participate in Ramadan, while you are also training for a competition? Or are you not participating in that competition? ”

Personal trainer
In addition to being a bodybuilder, Ahmet is also a personal trainer. Some of his customers also participate in Ramadan. They confirm that it is not easy to continue training during Ramadan. “Some of my clients wanted to skip all their training sessions this month,” laughs Ahmet. “But then I said that we are not going to do that. No matter how difficult it is, you should not drop anything from your schedule. I don’t do that either. ”

Ahmet’s tip is: “Find what suits you and try to keep on training.”

Source: Studio040

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