Virtual Reality glasses as a replacement for morphine?

Virtual Reality glasses as a replacement for morphine? Photo credit: Studio040

Playing a game or watching a movie during an operation is experimented with in healthcare. Virtual Reality glasses should relieve pain during surgery and relieve anxiety from patients.

Children in particular are often afraid of hospitals. That’s because they don’t know what to expect. Children therefore sometimes panic and that makes it more difficult for doctors to operate. The solution would be the VR glasses. Children, but also adults, can already take a look inside the hospital with the glasses. As a result, they know what to expect and the fear will be reduced.

Pain can also be remedied in part by the use of VR glasses. According to emergency department doctor Michiel Tebbes, it might even be a replacement for morphine. “People are distracted because, for example, they can play a game or watch a movie, because of this they often do not even realize that we are performing an operation,” he says.

‘Swimming in the sea’
The VR glasses for the hospitals were presented at the VR Healt Event during the Dutch Technology Week in the Effenaar. Many visitors are enthusiastic. “If I had the choice to watch a film during an operation, I would like to swim in an ocean, I think that would be nice,” a visitor laughs.

The glasses are now used sporadically as an adjunct to operations. After more research, they may be used in every hospital.

Source: Studio040

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