Royal family less and less popular among young people

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It is clear that King’s Day is popular among young people. But that applies less and less to the Royal Family.

A study by Ipsos shows that young people are less and less interested in the Royal Family, and even find it unnecessary. In 2007, 70 percent of young people were still enthusiastic about the Royal Family. Last year that was only half.

The fact that young people are less and less in favor of the ‘Oranges’ is largely due to the amount of money the Royal family receives each year. The Royal Family will receive 8.4 million euros in 2019, and young people in particular do not agree. They think that the money can be better spent on charities, for example. “It’s old-fashioned. The Netherlands used to be a Kingdom, so should it stay that way? I think that that needs to change, “says a boy who is sitting with his band in youth center Dynamo.

The elderly, on the other hand, are still pleased with the Royal Family. Most really see it as a tradition that should not be lost. “It is actually the same as with Zwarte Piet, that is a tradition and traditions you must keep,” says a man who sits with his billiards club in café La Carambole.

The fact that many young people are not fans of the royal family does not mean that they do not celebrate King’s Day. Coming Saturday, there will be large crowds again at the various parties in many places in the city.

Source: Studio040

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