Coppie koffie with a patrol officer

Photo credit: Studio040

Have a nice cup of coffee with a police agent. The police of Oost-Brabant started with ‘Coppie koffie’

From a tuk-tuk that has been converted into a coffee cart, expert patrol officer Gideon Goudriaan serves his first cup of coffee for his first customer: a man on a bicycle who is nevertheless curious about what exactly is going on.

“That is exactly what we want to unleash with this initiative,” Gideon says, “Citizens must once again get the feeling that the police are accessible to everyone. Of course, local police officers are walking around and we have police stations where people can enter freely, but there is still a barrier for many people to approach the police. So we come to the people. ”

The initiative seems to work. The black cart with bright yellow stickers attracts a lot of attention and people wonder aloud what exactly is going on. ‘Finally!’ a lady says when she hears what the cart is for, “They really should have done that much earlier. The police seem so far away from the people. I think this is going to help change that. ” Gideon adds: ‘Different people come to me with their story now. Often they don’t find their story important enough or they don’t want to take the trouble to go all the way to the bureau. Now they can have their say quickly and carry on with their groceries, for example. ‘

Ultimately, the intention is to spread the initiative throughout the Netherlands.

Source: Studio040

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