First beaver spotted in Leenderbos

First beaver spotted in Leenderbos. Photo credit: Studio040

A beaver was seen in the Leenderbos near Eindhoven for the first time.

The beaver was spotted on a camera in the forest. Rodent tracks already indicated that a beaver is active in the nature reserve. The images show how the beaver gnaws at a branch in the middle of the night.

The beaver has never been seen in the area. It is the largest rodent in Europe that resides in and near water. The animal feeds on, among other things, willow branches, herbs and aquatic plants.

‘We had seen gnaw marks along the waterfront for several weeks and a colleague had even seen the beaver swim. At a place where wildlife regularly swims across the water, we have hung a wildlife camera to see if we could get video footage of the beaver’, says forest ranger Erik Schram of Staatsbosbeheer.

Source: Studio040

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