‘De-humanize’, the new play from internationals

Would you like to live forever? And if yes, do you believe you would still remain the same? This is the central plot around (DE) HUMANIZE, this year’s English theatrical performance by the International Theater Collective Eindhoven (ITCE) in Pand-P.

In 2015, ITCE presented its first full-length play, the Outsiders, performed by expats in Eindhoven. The play was a success with four sold-out performances. Empowered by this success, this year, the ITCE Foundation presents its new play: (DE) HUMANIZE on 1 to 4 May.

The show is based on the idea that in the not-too-distant future, it might be possible – through revolutions in biotechnology – to choose whether we live forever or not. But how will that affect the human side of us? The show’s main ideas touch on eternal life, human values, and the constant need for development. In the era of continuous technological evolution and the intense rhythms of modern life, is it useful sometimes to pause, take a step back, and ask ourselves: Has technology changed us so much that we are in danger of losing our humanity? Do we take time to appreciate our surroundings and our relationships?

The actors come from nine different countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Moldova, India, Turkey, France, Canada, and the Netherlands. Most of the internationals came to Eindhoven to work or study or followed their partner. The writer and director of the play, Geert Niland, is a veteran in the theatre world, with over 27 years of experience with professional and amateur actors. His ambition is to create something engaging for the expat community, which hopefully brings it together with the Dutch. The diverse mix of nationalities and cultures (including Dutch) has an obvious influence on the play. The hopes and fears of each person about the present and the future shaped the play in a unique way.

Dates and time:  1, 2, 3, 4 May, 20:30 – 22:30

Admission: €14.50

Location: Pand P, Leenderweg 65, 5614 HL Eindhoven

More information can be found on the Parktheater website or their facebook event.

For Eindhoven News: Manolis Chrysallos

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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