People proud of Brainport region

The research firm, I&O, recently did a study on what people are most proud, or ashamed, of in their provinces. The Brainport region has the honour of being the thing ‘Brabanters’ are the third most proud of.

The technological developments and innovative companies that contribute to the thriving economy of Brainport Eindhoven make, especially, the slightly older people of North Brabant very proud. “Brabant has a thriving manufacturing industry and with Eindhoven Brainport we are at the forefront of technological developments. Think of companies such as Philips, VDL, and ASML “, said one person in an open answer.

So, what are they most proud of? In the first place, the people in the province’s friendliness. In second place, Carnaval.

Source: Brainport

Translator: Melinda

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