‘No reason for extra security measures at mosques’

There is no reason for extra security measures at mosques and other Islamic institutions. This was reported by Eindhoven City Council after a request submitted by DENK.

DENK, which means ‘think’ in Dutch and ‘equality’ in Turkish, is a Dutch political party founded by two Turkish-Dutch members of the House of Representatives. DENK say that they are regularly approached by concerned Muslim citizens. They point to the situation in Amsterdam, where extra security measures are put in place to protect mosques. This came into effect after Amsterdam’s municipality identified increased levels of threat to Islamic institutions.

However, Eindhoven City Council said that this is not necessary in Eindhoven for the time being. The Municipality says that they are aware of developments in the Islamic community and are periodically contacting mosques.

The Municipality says that they will pay extra attention to strengthening the resilience of mosques and Islamic institutions. For example, a government-created Handbook for the Safety of Religious Institutions has been shared with local mosques in Eindhoven. Also, mosques have been invited to contribute to a new draft of a security plan.

The City Council asks DENK to report any concerns that the party receives from local citizens to the police or the board of authorities at the relevant mosque.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translator: Rachael

Editor: Melinda

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