Juvenile detention and imprisonment for fight at Stratumseind

Juvenile detention and imprisonment for fights at Stratumseind

Four boys between 17 and 22 have received juvenile detention and imprisonment for a fight at Stratumseind in Eindhoven.

That was decided by the court in Den Bosch on Monday. In July 2018, the four boys became involved in a fight in the entertainment street. They dealt blows and two people were injured. One of them had fractures in his jaw, cheekbone, eye socket, and nose.

“Feeling unsafe”
In addition to their sentences, the suspects must also pay compensation to the two victims for a total of more than 6,000 euros. In determining the penalties, the court took into account that the suspects were using serious night-time violence. According to the court, this has a major impact on both victims and society. The feeling of insecurity only increases with this type of incident.

Source: Studio040

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