Teacher shortage requires school boards to be creative

Teacher shortage requires school boards to be creative

Primary education is desperate for new teachers. And so everything is being tried to recruit staff. Leonie Pijnenburg is one of the teachers who recently made the switch.

Salto is the educational organization to which 22 schools in the city are affiliated. To solve the shortage of teachers, there is even thought of recruiting among MBO students who are engaged in the teaching assistant course. To allow them to immediately transfer to the HBO education for a primary school teacher. Or to offer such training internally.

Side-entrants are being sought at special meetings. Even recruiters are hired for this. And it’s not easy to find them. It is also quite an investment that is required from people who are retrained, says Angelica Bus, director at Salto. The fact that many people have to take a step back in terms of salary causes a hefty obstacle. In addition, a retraining process also requires a considerable time investment, recruiter Marin Tebarts knows. She is looking for people who really want a job in primary education.

For Leonie Pijnenburg, the switch turned out to be a perfect choice. She now teaches group 7 of the Hasselbraam primary school.

Source: Studio040

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