‘Café Eindhoven is everything you are looking for as a student’

Photo credit: Studio040

With Café Eindhoven, the old V&D in the center of Eindhoven has a clear purpose again.

At least: the concept can not really be expressed in words, but more and more visitors are finding their way to the new hotspot. Guests can play table tennis, boot camps, do some DIY or just a cup of coffee. In the middle of the city, the building of the old V&D has been transformed into a freely accessible location with leisure activities. ‘Café Eindhoven is a place where technology and creativity come together,’ says Harm Rensink, one of the initiators.

3D printing
Exhibitions or workshops are given there. These have to do with technological developments in the city, for example. They can also be more artistic. In a corner of Bilbiotheek Eindhoven, workshops 3D printing are also given.

There is something for everyone, but on this Saturday it is mainly students and expats who find their way to the new hotspot. ‘This is everything you as a student are looking for as a break’, says a boy playing table football with a friend. “Buy some donuts and play some table tennis and football. Fine Saturday afternoon this way ‘, his companion adds.

Café Eindhoven is open every day of the week until 5 pm. Sometimes parties are organized on weekends.

Source: Studio040

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