Hockey, football, smoke-free matches

Sunday, the hockey game between Oranje-Rood’s women and their opponents from Den Bosch ended in a draw. Meanwhile, PSV broke a record.


As stated above, the match between Oranje-Rood’s women and their Den Bosch opponents ended in a draw: 1-1. This means the Den Bosch team leads the competition.

The result of Sunday’s game also means, Oranje-Rood slided from second to fourth place. For Amsterdam and SCHC won their matches.

Favourite Den Bosch took the lead after only four minutes. It took Eindhoven’s women twenty minutes to score an equalizer. Earlier during the season, Oranje-Rood won a game against Den Bosch.

National title

Next spring, during the play-offs, the four best teams will compete for the national title. It now seems the women-teams of Den Bosch, Amsterdam, SCHC and Oranje-Rood will play in the play-offs.

Smoke-free matches

Hockey club Oranje-Rood decided to participate in the national campaign “Rook-vrij .. Kinderspel!“. The slogan of this Dutch campaign implies, it is easy to organize smoke-free training sessions, games, matches.

The national campaign means parents accompanying their children will be banned from smoking. This means all visitors of the hockey club will no longer be allowed to light and smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes at its fields.

Oranje-Rood joins this initiative to work towards a healthier environment for children. The hockey-club is not the only Eindhoven sports-venue taking part in the national campaign. Eindhoven’s IJssportcentrum also takes part in the campaign.

PSV breaks record

Meanwhile, PSV set a national record by winning its twelfth game of the season, Saturday evening. It beat De Graafschap by 1-4.

The home team started well enough with a near-miss. Then de Jong scored the first goal in just under twenty minutes. El Jebli scored an equalizer. Soon after this goal, PSV gained the lead by a goal by Bergwijn.

Shortly before the break, PSV seemed to control the match. Dumfries scored the third goal. However, camera images showed he had been

De Graafschap hoped to score another goal after the break, as PSV failed to score. But fifteen minutes before the end, Malen decided the outcome. After this goal, de Jong increased the number of goals just before the match ended.

PSV set a new record. Never before in the Dutch premier league did a team win the first twelve games of the season. Ajax held the previous record with eleven games in a row.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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