Fontys Hogescholen plans to invest in Brainport Industries Campus

Fontys Hogescholen intends to invest in education at the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC).

The BIC is currently being created. It should become a place for dozens of innovative manufacturing companies. These include suppliers for Boeing, Philips and ASML.

Technical students from Summa College have already started at the BIC. A few companies also located here. The idea is, that students gain a lot of practical experience by being this close to companies; while companies will also benefit.

Fontys now wants to join the BIC. The university wants to increase special educational places. It wants to establish colleges at places where there already is an intensive cooperation between companies and where students will be physically close to practical and professional situations.

An example where this already is already taking place, is the Automotive Campus in Helmond. Another example is located at Strijp TQ, where Fontys’ ICT college was recently opened.

The BIC is another location, where interaction between technical education and practical experience will take place. Colleges also hope to reduce the drop-out rate in technical education through a mix of education and experience.

Last week, the first millions from the Brainport Region Deal (BRD) were allocated. Sums from the BRD are intended to further stimulate and improve the regional business climate and economy. In addition, money will also be allocated to learning environments where training and practice go hand in hand.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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