Construction solar park starts at Eindhoven Airbase

Photo credit: Studio040/Sophie Beer

Monday, the construction of a huge solar park at Eindhoven Air Base started.

Over 11,000 solar panels will be placed at the military airport. The solar park will provide enough energy to supply 850 residents in the area.

On Monday, the construction sign was unveiled and work started. The park measures about 2.5 hectares. At the beginning of 2019, solar energy will become available.

The panels will be placed at the former location of Eindhoven’s glider club. Local residents near the airbase could buy panels.

A joint venture agreement between the airbase, the municipality and five local energy cooperations and associations ensured Zonnepark Welschap became a reality. Energy company Greenchoice is responsible for development and management of this solar park.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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