Accidents on local roads

This morning, two persons were injured in an accident on Eindhoven’s Anthony Fokkerweg. Around noon, another accident happened along the Knechselseweg in Veldhoven.

Anthony Fokkerweg, Eindhoven

In Eindhoven, a man and woman were in a car which collided with another one at a crossing. The fire-brigade had to cut the man out of his car. Both victims were taken to hospital by ambulance. The driver of the other car was not injured.

Both cars were write-offs. The accident caused a traffic jam along the Anthony Fokkerweg.

Knechselseweg, Veldhoven

Around noon, a man lost control of his van while driving along the Knechselseweg in Veldhoven. The van first hit a traffic pole, then a tree.

A trauma helicopter transported the man to a Tilburg hospital. The fire brigade assisted here as well. The Knechselseweg was littered with debris. This caused the road to be closed to all traffic.

Source Studio 040:

Translator: Kate

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