Complaints about new seats in PSV stadium

visitors seating not safe in psv stadium
Photo credit: Studio040/PSV Stadium

The new seats in the Philips Stadium lead to complaints from some supporters of PSV. The Supporters Association started with an inventory of the complaints to map the problems.

Unsafe situations
The new seats would be at the expense of legroom and supporters have also had to compromise on walking comfort over the stands. “Look, sitting comfort is just a matter of getting used to,” says Harrie Timmermans, chairman of the Supporters Association of PSV, “but if unsafe situations are experienced, then we have to do something about that.” Timmermans refers to gangways that have been laid down in different places or people who get stuck with their foot between the stands and the previous seat because of the narrow space.

The chairman of the Supporters Association emphasizes that the new seats in the stadium are really an improvement for him. “There is also no question that we want it to be replaced again.” It is great that there are now the same seats everywhere in the stadium, but we are happy to talk to PSV about how things can be improved. ”

“But I’m on the west stand myself and I just notice the reactions around me and the people who come to me,” says Timmermans, “and we just have to take such signs from supporters seriously.”

Source: Studio040

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