Introduction week TU Eindhoven: Educational and fun party

Introduction week TU Eindhoven: Educational and fun party

Hundreds of new students flocked to the TU campus on Monday for the start of the Intro Week.

The new students take the first steps at the university with this. It is meant to get to know the study and the city. ‘I come from Utrecht and the choice for me was Enschede or Eindhoven. The TU is closer, so that choice was quickly made, ‘one of the new students tells us.

The other has been living in Eindhoven for a long time. ‘Actually, not much has changed, only that I am a student now and that you will see different things. I’m really looking forward to it’.

Student years

Of course the intro week is meant to get to know a lot of new people and also some alcohol is consumed. That is also necessary, according to Noud van der Gevel from the Introductory Committee. ‘They are your student years so you are very free now. So try to find something where you really feel at home. ”

Up to and including Thursday, the new students have a complete program to get to know Eindhoven as a student city. The lecture bells are awaiting 3 September.

Intro 2018 @TUeindhoven is officially loose, study and student associations welcome the new kids to the Limbopad. Have fun all! #TUeIntro #TUeindhoven ^ MvdV

— TU/e Cursor (@tuecursor) August 20, 2018

Source: Studio040

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