Church services in Evoluon with band, large video screen and ‘hip lighting’

Church services in Evoluon with band, large video screen and 'hip lighting'

Church services must become 2.0, with a band, large video screen and ‘hip lighting’. The Eindhoven Evoluon has been chosen for the series of church services.

The initiative is from Stadskerk040, and next month is the first service. Designer Wilfred van Barneveld wants to attract new church visitors with the meetings. He wants to achieve this with services in a contemporary and innovative way.

‘Stadskerk040 will provide a fresh interpretation of Sunday services. Not in a dusty church building but in the iconic Evoluon. No musical accompaniment by an organ but by a band with cool music. No long-winded sermons but an inspiring message brought by various speakers. Audiovisual support comes via a large video screen and trendy lighting, ‘ he writes.

Van Barneveld thinks that the services will be a succes because people are looking for meaning, faith and God. ‘It is only important to look for a form that fits this time. The church often seems to forget to go along with the times. Sometimes stuck in traditions. We can think we can do differently ‘.

The first church service is on 16 September. The organization expects more than 450 visitors.

Source: Studio040

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