ASML approaching 12,000 employees in Veldhoven

ASML approaching 12,000 employees in Veldhoven

There is no measure of the explosive growth of ASML, next quarter the Veldhoven business will have 12,000 employees.

At this moment, between 200 and 250 new people are accepted every month at the chip machine manufacturer. Before the summer the counter stood at 11,350 FTE (fulltime-equivalent) in Veldhoven and 21,400 worldwide. Monique Mols from ASML expects to reach 12,000 employees by the end of September.

Due to the growth of the workforce at ASML, the company is starting to get crowded. There is still limited space on the locations at De Run in Veldhoven, the Flight Forum, High Tech Campus and Kempenbaan. ‘We have to shift here and there and we have also built new offices above the cleanrooms for the new EUV machines, but we are certainly looking for an expansion,’ says Mols.

The explosive growth of ASML in recent years is mainly due to the development of EUV machines. The new chip machines make it possible to produce faster chips. Besides the fact that a whole new production line has been set up for it, the machines are still being developed. The Veldhoven company is also working on the development of a new EUV machine.

102 different nationalities now work at ASML. Half of the staff has a nationality other than the Dutch one. Monique Mols emphasizes once again that the Dutch labor market cannot keep up with the growth of the chip machine manufacturer.

That is why ASML gets a lot of technically trained personnel from abroad, especially engineers. ‘It is hard work for us to find people with the right technical background,’ says Mols. The Veldhoven company is succeeding well, because even though there is a huge amount of vacancies open, the company is not yet faced with a shortage of personnel that impedes the growth of the company.

Source: Studio40

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