Artwork being created live in Van Abbe Museum

There is an unfinished piece of art already hanging in the Van Abbe Museum.

The Eindhoven-based artist, Gam Bodenhausen, is live in the ‘Het Oog’ (‘The Eye’) patio. She is working on a piece entitled ‘Grahite Knots’. It is a graphite mural.

For the design, she has looked to the origin of graphite, in order to be fully familiar with the product. The Eye, where the mural is located, is an outdoor space that offers the artist the space to be able to create the work in six months time.

It is not the first time that the Van Abbe Museum has had a work of art created in The Eye. At the beginning of this year, Michèle Matyn from Antwerp also created a mural. That work was inspired by the river the Dommel.

Bodenhausen’s work of art is still in progress. The graphite mural should be completed in early September.


Translator: Bob

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