Ikigai: festival of the future, get involved

How do you like your festival to be?

Especially now summer has started, you find many festivals around. These days there are many kinds, so you will sure find some you really like and can identify with. However no festival is perfect, of course. Now that’s what Ikigai would like to change, and give you the opportunity to create together with them the perfect festival. So they are looking for your help and input. Hence all you great people put together your perfect festival. Do you want music, what kind of food, whats the theme, the vibe, etc. So many things to trigger your input and creativity.

Curious? Well it may not yet be too late too participate, go to the feelgood market on Strijp S on sunday June 17th, and visit the team. Otherwise contact them via facebook, or see what they come up with on September 16th or any of the sessions after.

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