Eat tacos and watch Mexico-Germany

Coming Sunday (17 June 2018) you can enjoy tacos and the match between Mexico and Germany together. This will happen at Wall Street, Stadhuisplein, Eindhoven. The tacos will be from Mis Amores Tortilleria & Art.

From 15:00h onwards, they will be offering Pastel Azteca and a variety of tacos, and the match between Mexico and Germany will be screened so you won’t miss anything. The event will be till 21.30h.

It is the second time Mis Amores Tortilleria & Art have this cooperation with Wall Street (a pop-up restaurant and temporarily exposition space).


Mis Amores Tortilleria & Art was founded by five Mexicans living and working in the Netherlands. Their passion for Mexican culture and authentic Mexican food were the main drivers to start a small business related to the elaboration of corn tortilla and the promotion of Mexican artists. As entrepreneurs in a foreign country, the process to establish a company was not simple and it took them some months to establish. The process to produce tortillas was the second learning curve to be climbed because as Mexicans they expect the taste of their products to be as good as in their native country.


The final goal is to establish a Mexican food restaurant in Eindhoven, but first, the five Mexican partners would love to offer their tortillas in the city that embraced them to live here. And if you can help them to diversify their business or know about a location, they are open for opportunities.

Tortillas are made of corn, it is the most consumed cereal in Mexico. Corn tortillas are very nutritive, rich in fibres, vitamins, and minerals. It is also gluten-free. The original process for the elaboration of original Mexican tortillas is a Prehispanic process where corn is boiled with calcium oxide and it is called “nixtamalization”. 

To order corn tortillas and to have them delivered for free or if you like to know more, you can find more information on their website. 


-Edited for Eindhoven News by Irene Martens-

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