New meeting point Eindhoven News: at Student Hotel Eindhoven

The Student Hotel Eindhoven will be a place where you can meet Eindhoven News. Last week they have reached an agreement, so weekly on Mondays from 16:00h to 18:00h you will be able to find members of the Eindhoven News team in cafe The Pool.

This open meetup is for volunteers of Eindhoven News to get to know each other, it is also for anybody who likes to meet Eindhoven News. If you have something to share (news, experience, event, story) or if you like to know what is happening in Eindhoven, you can just walk in and you’ll find them downstairs in the open and spacious design cafe The Pool. They like to connect with you as (new) Eindhoven citizen.

Both organisations benefit from this arrangement: the online newspaper has a beautiful working and meeting space and can use the meeting rooms when necessary. The hotel will get good exposure for their events, can publish about things happening and about new developments, in the (international) community of greater Eindhoven.

Fanny van den Dries, the new manager of The Student Hotel says: “we are more than a place to stay, we do rent rooms yes, but we also organise events, we have a great restaurant, a nice coffee bar in the centre of town. We like The Student Hotel to be a location where local and international people gather. This cooperation fits our prospective.”

Eindhoven News is an online newspaper, they don’t have a fixed office space. All the team members do work from home or from flexible working spaces. To meet each other they use different locations, for example in the Hub, at the Library or at Seats2Meet. The advantage of this way of working is that the reporters and writers are in the places where it happens.

According to Irene Martens, manager of Eindhoven News: “if we need to work quietly we stay at home, but when working outside we like to be where people walk in and out, where we meet new people and where we hear what is going on in town. There is always something new to tell from people we meet, always a great story to write from where we are. There is so much happening in Eindhoven, we like to be in the middle of it. We are a kind of crowd-sourcing newspaper, Your News is Our News. We co-create.”

“The good thing about being in the Student Hotel is that there is a mixture of local and international people. This way the visitors mix and mingle, learn from each other and start doing things together,” adds Irene.

Fanny became the new manager of The Student Hotel last April, she is happy with the cooperation because working with meaningful organisations perfectly fits TSH’s mission: “to create boundary-blurring spaces where students, travelers, mobile professionals, creative nomads and enterprising minds can connect and thrive in smart design co-living and co-working spaces”. This is where this collaboration is about.

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