Workshops for parents-to-be at Viamama Eindhoven

Marjolein Maas (left) and Therese van den Oever

Childbirth is only one aspect of becoming a parent. There is a lot to talk about when you are preparing for parenthood. Viamama provides childbirth classes in English.

Founder Marjolein Maas, an obstetrician, started seven years ago with the aim of increasing the self-esteem and strength of women through coaching and courses. And now she has a birth centre called Viamama together with Thérèse van den Oever, midwife and coach.

They are expanding now because the demand gets higher. From 1st of April they will be renting their own place in the centre of Eindhoven at Breitnerstraat 2 F. Together they organise Viamama and provide courses and workshops. They not only focus on supervising the delivery. There are courses for women who are just pregnant, but also for parents of children up to four years. The courses, coaching and workshops are given by professionals. There are childbirth classes, first-aid courses, baby massage-, body exercise and yoga classes for pregnant women and for women that already have given birth.

In the centre, among others, midwives, pedagogues, mama coaches, yoga teachers and sports trainers work together to prepare mums, but also dads, optimally for parenting.

Maas: “A lot of information can be found on the internet, but because of the many choices, uncertainty comes into play. We look for the balance, together with the mothers-to be.”

Van den Oever: “Pregnant women approach everything very rationally nowadays. Everything is planned and until the baby arrives there is control. But you cannot plan the delivery and the time after that. We teach them to let go of that control, so that women feel their own strength again.”

For Internationals there is a special course ‘English Childbirth Class’. Van den Oever: “Internationals like to know how everything works in the Netherlands when you will have a baby. We talk to each other about how childbirth is seen, handled and arranged in their country and to what extent certain aspects in the Netherlands are different. Internationals like to visit the courses together with their partners, at Viamama this is possible.”

Their website is in English and check with Viamama for other available services in English.

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