Trudo Toren architect to visit Eindhoven

The famous architect, Stefano Boeri, will come to Eindhoven to discuss which trees to use for his design, the Trudo Toren.

Next spring Sint Trudo, a housing corporation, will start building the new housing project behind the  Apparatenfabriek, a former factory, in Strijp-S. Trudo Toren will be a 70-metre high tower and forest in one.

Boeri also designed the Bosco Verticale, a similar tower in Milan. This is a tower with a vertical forest. He also created similar buildings in Switzerland and China. Eindhoven will be the first place to boast one of his designs in the Netherlands.

The Trudo Toren will have 125 social housing flats for starters. These will be compact, comfortable lofts of 50 m2 and 3.5 meters high. Every loft will have a balcony and two large green containers. These containers will house 125 large trees of up to 6,5 metres.

A further 5 200 plants and bushes will also be planted. In this way, a large vertical forest will take shape.

The project fits in well with the idea that a city can also be a place for healthy and sustainable living. The greenery of the Trudo Tower will ensure about 50 000 kgs of CO2 absorption and release 13 750 kgs of oxygen annually.

If the build starts this Spring it should be ready in the Summer of 2019.

Stefano Boeri Architetti will cooperate closely with local companies, among which are Dupré Groenprojecten (Green projects) from Helmond and The Van den Berk Nursery from Sint-Oedenrode.

Sint Trudo will deliver the tower and the vegetation and will responsible for its upkeep afterwards.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice


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