First big Polish festival at the Beursgebouw

Polish music and traditional Polish food. Lovers of the Polish culture will have a great day on 12 May at the Beursgebouw in Eindhoven at the Polski Festival.

According to the organisers this is the first big Polish Festival in the Netherlands. Bern Weijers came up with the idea. He put up the festival together with a Polish friend. “My friend has an employment agency with lots of Polish workers”, says Weijers. “At first he asked me to organise a company party for them. While we were talking about this we had the idea to organise a festival for all the Polish Dutch.”

Not many chances to go out

The festival revolves mainly around Polish music and traditional food. Famous Polish artists like Cleo and Czadoman will perform and the MC is also a well-known face to many Poles. “Our festival is really unique. There are not many opportunities for the Polish community to go out in the Netherlands and therefore we offer them this.”

A large proportion of the ticket sales will be via the employment agencies, says Weijers. The give the tickets to their Polish workers as a gift by way of a thank you for their services. “The often do the jobs we don’t want to do.”

An estimated 600,000 Poles live in the Netherlands, of which around 40,000 live in Southeast Brabant.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Maurice

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