Eindhoven political emancipation still a long way off

Political emancipation is still a long way off in Eindhoven, it seems. Less than a third of all candidates whose names can be found on Eindhoven’s municipal election forms, are women.

Apparently, political emancipation continuous to lag behind in Eindhoven. Women remain seriously under-represented, on the election lists of local municipal parties.

Less than one in three of all candidates competing for a seat in Eindhoven’s municipal council, is a woman. With only 30.5% of the candidates being female, the ratio men-women election candidates remains skewed.

Not all parties are doing badly. Yet not one achieves a 50-50 balance. GroenLinks, a Dutch green left-wing party, comes closest. Eighteen of their forty candidates are women: 45 percent.

The SP, the Dutch left-wing democratic socialist party, closely follows at 43 percent.

The Christen Unie, a Dutch conservative protestant party, scores worst. Four of its five candidates are men. Local party Ouderen Appèl does better: just over 20 percent of the candidates on its election list are women.

Local political party Lijst 15 only has one candidate. The only candidate is Johan Vlemmix.
This is the only reason why Lijst 15 scores zero female candidates.

The complete list:

GroenLinks: 45%
SP: 43,3%
PvdA: 41,1%
BBL: 40%
Denk: 38,9%
CDA: 33,3%
Forum040: 32,5%
50Plus: 28,6%
Stratums Belang: 28,6%
LPF: 25%
VVD: 25,5%
Leefbaar Eindhoven: 23%
D66: 22,7%
Ouderen Appèl: 20,4%
ChristenUnie: 20%
Lijst 15: 0%


Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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